President's Message

Thank you so much for your interest in our club. We are the premier Transportation Club of Dallas/Fort Worth.

This will be our 69th year of service to the transportation and supply chain logistics industry. Our industry is broad and we reach a myriad of companies who
compliment us each day in keeping America moving. We welcome you and hope you will consider membership with our club.

We continue to promote our mission which is education, resources for our industry, networking and building relationships, mentor programs for rising
students interested in the supply chain, and offering guest speakers that give you different perspectives in our ever changing environment.

With the fundraisers we do each year and generous donations from sponsorship, we offer upcoming students the opportunity to apply for the scholarships we
award each June. These scholarships are given to students who are working toward a degree in supply chain, warehousing or any area of our industry.

We have all experienced turbulent times recently and it has changed our way of living, working and how we spend our free time. However, it has not changed the
transportation industries responsibilities to provide essentials to each of you every day. We had to reevaluate the supply chain demands and adapt to our new
normal. But know, we are here, and we will meet the demand. We have worked collectively with our partners, which is far-reaching to make this possible every

We welcome you to our club. We are here to help you and your business move forward to the next chapter in transportation. Please feel free to reach out to one
of our officers or board members. We understand your needs and your frustrations. We are here with you and for you!

I offer a challenge to you, our board members and officers. We want to make this year the premier year of growth in membership, offer the most in scholarships to deserving students, and finally a network of people, industry leaders and executives to come together to provide resources for all.

It is hard to beat a person that never gives up! Babe Ruth

Norma Jean Payne

TCDFW Past Presidents - 60+ years of Leadership LEGACIES

  • 2020 Kyle Lewis, Logistics Capacity LLC
  • 2019 Ken Davis, QTI Service Corporation
  • 2018 Beth Mendez, Aloft Las Colinas
  • 2017 Norman Gilbert, Gulf Winds
  • 2016 Larry Leon, Logistics Realty, LLC
  • 2015 Matt Balsy, ALC Logistics
  • 2014 Lori Crider, Duval Semi Trailers
  • 2013 Debbie Lawrence, Evan's Delivery
  • 2012 Doug East, Dart Transit Company
  • 2011 Douglas J Chaney, DC Logistics, Inc.
  • 2010 Dan Weinman, Mediterranean Shipping Co.
  • 2009 Loreen Silva, Landstar Logistics
  • 2008 Paul Sekin, DJS International Services
  • 2007 Ivars Circenis, DHL Global Forwarding
  • 2006 Linda Iwanski, United Parcel Service
  • 2005 James P. Buckley, Zena Logistics
  • 2004 Charles Turbeville, CP Ships
  • 2003 Jeff Parish, Twin City Transportation
  • 2002 Kristie LaHue, XTRA Lease
  • 2001 William R. Coleman, KFS, Inc.
  • 2000 Joe Corona, Business Logistics Solutions
  • 1999 Lance Wingfield, Associates Rental Sys.
  • 1998 Matt Ehlinger, NCH Corp.
  • 1997 Judy Taylor, Sealand Service
  • 1996 Michael Frame, Southwest Int'l Freight
  • 1995 Bill W. Huie, NCH Corp.
  • 1994 Faye Peterson, The Quaker Oats Co.
  • 1993 Gary A. Tolbert, FalconAir, Inc.
  • 1992 Gary A. Gieser, Sea-Land Service, Inc.
  • 1991 Don Jones, Campbell Taggert
  • 1990 Richard D. Eberhart, Southwest Freight Dist.
  • 1989 Bettie Garret, Cullum Companies, Inc.
  • 1988 James V. Tidmore, Union Pacific RR
  • 1987 John H. Redden, Sunbelt Consolidator's
  • 1986 William Betcher, Commercial Metals
  • 1985 Suzie Taylor, Electronic Data Carriers
  • 1984 Larry L. Anderson, Santa Fe Railway Co.
  • 1983 John Schiller, Dal-Tex Cement Co.
  • 1982 J. C. Long, Jr., North Texas Traffic Bur.
  • 1981 Arvey V. LaMonte, Wabash Railroad Co.
  • 1980 Roy M. Delao, Lone Star Steel Co.
  • 1979 Doyle Witherspoon, Gordons Transport
  • 1978 Thomas H. Harp, Universal Carloading
  • 1977 Calvin Monk, Southern Pacific Trans. Co.
  • 1976 William C. Teaquist, Sears, Roebuck & Co.
  • 1975 Loyd L. Chance, Strickland Systems
  • 1974 Kenneth P. Tubbs, Dallas Chamber of Comm.
  • 1973 John C. Presswood, Southern Pacific Cotton Belt
  • 1972 N. W. Ellena, Lone Star Steel Co.
  • 1971 L. Steele Moore, American Mayflower
  • 1970 Joe Holmes, Universal Carloading & Distribution
  • 1969 Henry Nelson, Norfolk & Western RR
  • 1968 Jake Morgan, American Petrofina of TX
  • 1967 Mel H. McIntire, Great Southwest Co.
  • 1966 Bob B. Wadsworth, Southern Pacific Co.
  • 1965 John R. Standley, Sears, Roebuck and Co.
  • 1964 Jack C. Witt, Red Ball Motor Freight Lines, Inc.
  • 1963 Rufus C. Hodges, Central of Georgia RR
  • 1962 Jim Whitt, Anderson Clayton Company-Food Div.
  • 1961 Leo M. Baker, Central Freight Lines, Inc.
  • 1960 Bill E. Dalhoff, Missouri Pacific Lines
  • 1959 Cecil L. Leonard, Lone Star Gas Co.
  • 1958 H. Rudy Reynolds, Lee Way Motor Freight
  • 1957 O.B. Sandidge, Ft. Worth & Denver Railway Co.
  • 1956 Paul J. Chitwood, Ford Motor Co.
  • 1955 Frank E. Bacon, M&D Motor Freight Lines
  • 1954 Herb W. Cook, Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.
  • 1953 Harry G. Crafts, The Coke Cola Co.