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The Transportation Club of DFW is pleased to offer listings to member companies seeking new hires for their business. See our most recent jobs on LinkedIn. To add a new listing, please contact send resumes or career postings to

Career Postings

D.I.F. Companies: Shipment Coordinator Needed

For DFW Area: Coordination and oversight of all aspects of shipment movement, from A to Z while providing personalized customer service.

Skills: High School diploma or equivalent with 1-2 years of relevant experience. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills are a PLUS! Proficient in Office 365 with solid Excel skills. Very competitive salary with potential bonus. PTO Program with 100% Employer-paid PPO. For D.I.F. Companies information: Applicants, please reach out to Norma Payne at or 972-570-4848.


Looking for Experienced Sales Talent

For Northern California (Oakland), Houston, Miami and Ohio: Experienced Sales Executives for The Transportation Space (Spanish Speaking A Plus!).

Join an expanding sales team representing premier trucking services for any company with a trucking fleet that transports goods and services (i.e. Amazon, Lumber companies, Nordstrom’s, Caterpillar Tractors, etc.). Industry experience required. This is a service provider that sources truckers for hire and NTB driver certifications for long haul truck drivers across the USA. Very competitive base salary, commissions, bonus. Full benefits, retirement, expenses. Be sure to look at for new weekly updated listings. For more information, please reach out to Jay Martin at or 510-377-4428.



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