Transportation Club of DFW Scholarship Awards

The Transportation Club of Dallas / Ft Worth (TCDFW) seeks to serve the community in which it resides through the support of persons who pursue excellence in the academic field. Accordingly, TCDFW has established a scholarship program.

Scholarship(s) to Be Awarded to Successful Applicants Who Are:

  • Immediate family of TCDFW members (brother / sister / spouse / children / grandchildren / nephews / nieces) or;
  • Logistics/Supply Chain/Transportation related students or;
  • Students attending college in the next Fall semester (must list the college to be attending)
  • No return recipients
  • Luncheon for scholarship awards will be Wednesday June 1st, 2022 at 11AM. You must attend awards luncheon or have someone present at luncheon to accept the award on your behalf to receive scholarship money.

TCDFW encourages candidates to complete the attached application and submit it to the TCDFW Education and Scholarship Committee for consideration.

TCDFW’s Finance-Budget Committee will determine the dollar amount of funds available for the scholarship(s). Based on that amount, TCDFW’s Education and Scholarship Committee will allocate and distribute funds for the scholarship(s). The TCDFW Education and Scholarship Committee, at its sole discretion, will select the recipient(s) of the scholarship(s).

TCDFW reserves the right to NOT award the scholarship, should it determine that no acceptable applicants have presented themselves.

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